SETIU: After the Gray Beach in Marang, three more beaches in Terengganu recorded the discovery of a toxic jellyfish known as Portuguese man o 'war. Terengganu Fisheries director Zawawi Ali said the three other beaches were Batu Buruk Beach in Kuala Terengganu, Rhu 10 Beach in Setiu and Bukit Keluang Beach in Besut. "In this regard, we advise visitors not to spend time in the beaches (the state) at this time because they are concerned about the sting of the jellyfish. "This is because there is still no anti-venom for this jelly attack except for painkillers. According to scientists, the immediate effect of the three minutes was that the cramps created extreme pain," he told reporters at the state-level Fisheries Development Day program Hear it here on Saturday.