Bukit Keluang

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Bukit Keluang is beautiful, scenic and has its own unique attraction that can hypnotise both the local and international tourist. Visitors to Bukit Keluang have a chance to experience exciting activities of their choice like fishing and flying wau or many others.

Bukit Keluang is situated about 4km from Kuala Besut town and can be reached by land either through Kuala Besut or Jertih. The first landmark you see upon reaching is an arch across the main road.

Bukit Keluang Beach lies about 19km from Jertih town and is also one of the major Holiday Destination in this area. The beach here is similar to other beaches around Besut, with its golden sand and the green hills that act as a backdrop has its own attraction. The scenery is breathtaking and spectacular, and will soothe any tired eyes.

The natural beauty of Bukit Keluang is also a popular backdrop for the film and television industry. Taking in the view as one takes the steps and on reaching the top of Bukit Keluang is definitely a must on a visitor's itinerary. The many small islands that dot the blue sea are simply mesmerizing.

There are many public facilities provided here such as rest houses, restaurants, public toilets and pavilions (locally known as wakafs). All these things make Bukit Keluang amongst the most popular tourist destination.