Gunung Tebu

Gunung Tebu is one of the many mountains found in Terengganu. It stands at the height of 1,039 metres. The vegetation here are of the Hill as well as the Top Dipterokarp type. On a fine day one can see Pulau Perhentian with all its magnificence from its top, with the South China Sea acting as a backdrop.

Gunung Tebu is situated within the Lata Lipur Forest Reserve which is about 24 km from Jertih town if one uses the Kuala Terengganu – Jertih Highway, or 118 km from the capital city, Kuala Terengganu. To reach this recreational forest you can use your own vehicle or hire a taxi from Bandar Permaisuri or Jertih town.

Lata Belatan is the starting point when climbing Gunung Tebu. Here you can a find a resort and a Forestry Department station where you can register yourself before climbing. The fee is Rm 5.00 per person. On reaching the top you can find an unusual grave where ‘silat' (a type of martial art) exponents go to be ascetics.

Visitors to Gunung Tebu have a choice of different activities like camping, sight seeing or just relaxing. Among the public facilities found here are stalls and pavilions (wakafs) with electricity provided.