Pantai Air Tawar

It can generally be said that Pantai Air Tawar is the top Holiday Destination in the District of Besut. It has its own unique attraction with its scenic view and golden beaches and is most popular with both the local and international tourist.

Amongst the most popular activities at Pantai Air Tawar are picnicking, swimming or just strolling along the shoreline. It has always been a popular spot with the locals since long ago and is especially so during the weekends, public holiday and the school holiday.

Pantai Air Tawar has adequate public facilities to cater for the visitors. You can find hotels, chalets, food stalls, children's playgrounds and others here. Every year end a Cultural and Arts Festival is held to welcome the tourist. A pavilion was also built here to stage the many cultural shows.

With its breathtaking beauty, the cultural activities held and with the facilities provided, Pulau Air Tawar has become one of the main destination for a family vacation.

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