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Below are the regulations in the usage of web site and your rights and responsibilities while accessing and/or using the service in this web site.

If you access this web site, it shows that you have admitted and agreed that you are then confined to the regulations and, through this, an agreement is bonded between you, as a customer, and us for the access and/or usage of this web site.

These regulations will replace the previous terms which you have received or accessed through this web site. Your usage and/or access to this service, then, will be regarded as your acceptance of the terms.

Limit Of Responsibility

You have clearly understood and agreed that we are not responsible for any form of losses, direct or indirectly, related or explicit, successive or exemplary, including but not limited to losses in the form of loosing profit, faith or other non-obvious losses as a result of:

  1. Usage or inability to use this service.

  2. Cost of purchasing goods and substitution service following the purchase of any goods, data, information or services or messages received or transactions made through or from this website.

  3. Access without permission or a change in your sending or data.

  4. Statements or actions of a third party in this website.

  5. Other matters related to this website.


We can establish links to other websites. Those websites belong to and handled by the third party and, as a result, we don’t have control over the sites and sources. You have admitted and agreed that we are not responsible on the outside sites and sources and will not support or be responsible for any content, advertisement, product or other material provided in the sites or sources.

You then admitted and agreed that we are not responsible, direct or indirectly, towards any damage or loss which is caused by or is believed to be caused by or is related to the usage or the suspension  of contents, materials or services provided on or through the site or source.


We can terminate your access to any service section or the entire service and any related service at any time, with or without notice, and with immediate effect. We can also terminate or suspend your inactive account which is defined as the failure to use the website service through the account for a certain period of time. You agreed that we are not responsible on you or any third party on the termination of the access to the service.

Changes To Terms Of Service

We have the right to change, modify, cancel or add to the terms at any time by giving notice beforehand. Anyway, in cases of emergency or for the sake of security of the website or in situations beyond control where we find that it is necessary to change, modify, cancel or add the terms we will do so without giving a notice to you. It is agreed that you will access and study the terms from time to time to know if there is any latest change, modification, cancellation or addition to the terms. You then agreed and accepted that continuous access and the usage of terms (which are occasionally changed or modified) will be regarded as your acceptance towards any change, modification, cancellation or addition to the terms.

Modification To Service

We have the right to modify or terminate the service (or a part of the service) either temporarily or permanently at any time with or without notice. You agreed that we are not responsible for you or any other third party on any modification , suspension or termination of the service.


Titles used under this terms are only for reference and cannot be taken into account in the interpretation of these terms.

Should any allocation of these terms is against the law or is not valid according to the law or the present or future regulation, the allocation will be separated and these terms will be interpreted as though the invalid allocations do not exist and these terms together with other allocations will be fully enforced without being affected by the allocations which are against the law or invalid.

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