Lata Belatan

Lata Belatan is situated within the Gunung Tebu Forest Reserve under the jurisdiction of the North Terengganu Forest Reserve. It is about 15 km to the south of Jertih town or 103 km from Kuala Terengganu. It spans an area of about 20 hectares.

In an effort to preserve the forest, a total of 403 hectares of the forest has been gazetted and Lata Belatan has been developed in stages since 1985. The vegetation found in the lowland are up to 50% of the Diptercarp type consisting mainly of ‘Meranti' and Keruing. Other types are ‘Nyatoh', ‘Kelat', ‘Mersawa', ‘Rengas' and ‘Kedongdong'. As you go uphill towards Gunung Tebu's peak you will find trees like the ‘Meranti' and ‘Balau Laut Merah'. While on the hillside and cliffs the vegetation are mainly made up of ‘Meranti Seraya', 'Meranti Keruing' and some conifers like the ‘Podo' and ‘Damar Minyak'.

Development of the Lata Belatan Recreational Forest is based on ‘nature management'  where development is in harmony with nature and its surrounding, the concept being ‘Forest Camping Holiday'. In line with this concept and in order to make sure that streams flowing here remain crystal clear, the whole 430 hectares has been declared as a Recreational Forest.

Among the activities that can be enjoyed at  Lata Belatan are picnicking, camping, jungle tracking or just to relax and enjoy the tranquility of the forest. For those who enjoy more adventurous activities they can opt to climb Gunung Tebu which stands at 1,097 metres above sea level. The climb up will take about 5 hours to reach the peak. The cool, fresh air, the greenery and the breathtaking view makes Lata Belatan very unique in its own way.

There are adequate public facilities provided here which include food stalls, public toilets, a musolla (prayer hall), pavilions and camping sites. There is also a suspended bridge for visitors to enjoy the panoramic view of the area. A safe-guard station has also been provided to ensure visitors' safety.

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